2016-01-29 01:02:22

About Monterrey

The capital of the industrial state of Nuevo Leon and Mexico's third largest metropolitan area, Monterrey is integral for Mexico's economic development and is the chief centre for heavy industry in the nation. With a semi-arid climate and local landmarks including the Plaza Zaragoza and the Bishop's Palace (Spanish: El Obispado), the city is a popular destination for short-term tourists partially thanks to its proximity to Texas. This location also offers an easy way for exports to markets in the United States, which is ideal for such a large industry.

Founded in the end of the 16th century, the city only began its growth in the 19th century when it was linked by rail to major cities and this continued into the 20th century, when it benefited from several hydroelectric projects. Factors that contribute to Monterrey's industrial concentration include its strategic location in a mountain pass, its aforementioned good transportation connections, its access to raw materials and its skilled workforce. Monterrey can not only boast about its nation-leading steel production but also its cement, glass and beer industries. The city is also home to the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, one of the top business schools not only in the region but also worldwide.


The Twinning

The Mayor of Monterrey, Jesus Maria Elizondo Gonzalez visited Palestine to sign the twinship agreement alongside the Mayor of Bethlehem, Hanna Nasser. The intention was to open the door for friendly ties and co-operation on different levels for the benefit of each city's respective citizens.

The goals of such an agreement included collaboration in the international arena, arranging contact between citizens with political representatives and social organizations, exchanging information regarding urban management and cooperation in the economic fields as well as the fields of culture, sport, schools and universities.

In the 16 years since the twinning between the cities, the administrative units of both Monterrey and Bethlehem continue to aim towards sharing the best practices of governance, social, cultural and economic development and set up new strategic agreement to strengthen this historical bond.




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